Amenities & Services

Amenities and Services

  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the Inn
  • Complimentary breakfast 
  • Large leisure spaces such as the courtyard, porch, living room, and balcony
  • A kitchen which offers drinks and snacks all day
  • Library with a large collection of books ranging from Kinmen literature, English and Chinese books, and travel guides
  • Meeting room with a conference table that seats up to 12 people and more at the back
  • Common bathrooms
  • Outdoor public parking spaces next to Lexis Inn and near the big pond (limited spaces on a first-come-first-serve basis, free of charge)
  • Baggage storage before checking-in and after checking-out (same day as arrival/departure day)
  • Booking of rental vehicles (motorcycles, cars): We recommend Yuda Car Rental and Sande Car Rental. Guests may reserve their rental vehicles with the companies directly or via us, and arrange to pick-up and drop-off of the vehicles at Kinmen Airport, Shuitou Pier or our Inn.