The Village

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Zhushan Traditional Settlement

Located at the southwestern part of Kinmen Island, Zhushan was formed by the Xue family when they settled in Kinmen to escape unrest more than 600 years ago. The village is surrounded by great boulders and lush forests and is believed to enjoy great Fengshui, with a hill on one side that symbolises strong support, and a deep pond in the center that symbolises a converging point for wealth. The seven ponds around the village add to the advantage—the waters of prosperity will never run dry.

Residences in Zhushan are built around and facing the big pond, with the ancestral temple being the focal point. In addition to the Xue Brothers' Mansion, prominent houses include the “Xia San Luo”, “Dai Fu Di”, “Xue Yong Mai Mansion” and the “Xue Jian Fang Mansion”, What’s better than taking a stroll around the pond and the alleys while appreciating the traditional architecture and the wisdom of our forefathers and soaking in the tranquility of village life?

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