The Inn

01 大門

The Inn

The current owner of Lexis Inn is Professor Wang Chiu-kuei. He holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge, UK, and is Emeritus Chair Professor at National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan.

Back in 2001 Professor Wang was invited by the authorities of Kinmen National Park to lead the planning and organization of the “International Conference on the History, Culture and Natural Environment of Kinmen”. Through the study of and the many visits to Kinmen in the following years, Professor Wang became truly fond of the island. In fall 2009 Professor Wang accepted an invitation by the Quemoy National University to be a Chair Professor at their Minnan Culture Research Institute. He started to spend extensive period of time in Kinmen and to ponder the idea of moving over. As it happened, Kinmen National Park announced the bidding invitation for the “Xue Yongnan and Brothers’ Mansion” to be used as a guesthouse. Professor Wang saw the opportunity to be a unique way of contributing to Kinmen’s education and tourism industry if he did live there. With the support of his family and friends, Professor Wang presented his proposal to the Kinmen National Park and was entrusted to run the guesthouse.

The Chinese name of the guesthouse is “來喜樓” (lai xi lou), meaning “to bring happiness and blessings” to the guests as well as the house. Its English name of “Lexis Inn” project a scholastic feeling as the guesthouse would not only provide accommodation to visitors, but also serve as a venue for cultural and academic exchanges.

The Inn hopes to provide its guests a unique experience of staying at a traditional house combined with arts, academic and spiritual exchange.

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